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Living Legends

The concept of "Living Legends" originated in the UK as a way to venerate and protect ancient trees. Here in Namibia we have many beautiful indigenous trees that have survived the ravages of time in our harsh Namibian climate for many years.

Trees are of vital importance for many reasons. Here in Namibia they are especially important in the harsh and arid areas in which they grow. Certain individual trees stand out as having had a particularly hard life and yet have survived. The idea of Living Legends in Namibia is to pay tribute to these amazing trees, to draw people's attention to them and to share with others so that we may all stand in awe of the resilience of these individuals. Some people are lucky enough to travel widely and meet amazing trees that the rest of us may not have the privilege to see.

We encourage all members of the society to send in photos of amazing trees they encounter to:


We celebrate some of our own Living Legends:

Ficus cordata
Photo: E Gudde

Ficus cordata Namaqua Rock Fig (E), Hartvy, Namakwavy (A), Herzfeige (D), Omukuumbwa (H), ǁUis (K) at an Otavi fountain.

Welwitschia mirabilis
Photo: B Curtis

Welwitschia mirabilis, an iconic plant. Tweeblaarkanniedood (A), Onyanga (H), !kharos (K). 

Adenia pechuelii
Photo: F Curschmann

A spectacular Adenia pechuelii in Damaraland; Elephant’s Foot (E), Wüstenkohlrabi, Elefantenfuß (D), Ombaze yondjou (H).

Trekker tree
Photo: C Snyman

Trekker tree, Nyae Nyae conservancy. Adansonia digitata Baobab (E), Kremetartboom (A), Affenbrotbaum (D), Omuzu (H), ǂ’Òm (J), ǁAurib (K), ǂ’Om (Kx), Omukwa (O), Euyu (R), Mubuyu (S), Divuyu (T).

Photo: J Fourie

Adansonia digitata Baobab (E), Kremetartboom (A), Affenbrotbaum (D), Omuzu (H), ǂ’Òm (J), ǁAurib (K), ǂ’Om (Kx), Omukwa (O), Euyu (R), Mubuyu (S), Divuyu (T).

Acacia erioloba
Photo: B Curtis

Acacia erioloba Camel Thorn (E), Kameeldoring (A), Kameldorn(baum) (D), Omumbonde (H), ǀ’Ànà (J), ǁGanab (K), ǁQara (Kx), Omuthiya (O), Musu (R), Muhoto (S), Ghuthu (T).

Cyphostemma currorii
Photo: E Gudde

Cyphostemma currorii Kobas (E, A), Botterboom (A), Butterbaum, Kobasbaum (D).

Ana tree
Photo: B Curtis

Faidherbia albida Ana Tree (E), Anaboom (A), Anabaum (D), Omue (H), Anas (K), Omuyele (O), Munga (S).

Language codes for species common names

Where common names in different languages are given, the following language codes have been used:

E: English
A: Afrikaans
D: Deutch (German)
H: Otjiherero (including Ovahimba)
J: Ju'hoan
K: Khoekhoegowab (Nama/Damara
Kx: Kxoe
O: Oshiwambo (including all dialects)
R: Rumanyo (including Rukwangali, Gciriku and Shambuyu)
S: Silozi
T: Thimbukushu